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h-1b visa lawyer columbus ohio immigration attorney

Experienced H-1B Visa Lawyer Representation

Reliable, Dedicated, and Experienced H-1B Visa Representation

Porter Law Office, LLC is a full-service immigration law firm that has in depth experience securing H-1B visas.

To obtain a quote for an H-1B visa, call (614) 428-2887 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST) or use our consultation form below and an experienced H-1B lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours.

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What We Do

h-1b visa attorney columbus ohio immigration lawyer

Helping Businesses Grow Through the USCIS H-1B Visa Program

We handle all types of H-1B cases including:

  1. CAP subject H-1B visa petitions
  2. End-client consulting and in-house H-1B visas
  3. H-1B visa transfers – allows you to change jobs without having to leave the U.S.
  4. H-1B amendments
  5. H-4 visas for dependent spouses and children

If you need assistance with an an H-1B visa, contact the H-1B visa attorney at Porter Law Office, LLC in Columbus, Ohio today.

Our Five Step Process

Porter Law Office, LLC has streamlined the H-1B process using these 5 steps:

  1. Call us at (614) 428-2887 or fill out the case evaluation form – we will respond to you within 24 hours
  2. Fill out an H-1B questionnaire – we will guide you through the questionnaire if you have questions
  3. Obtain H-1B documents – we will provide you with a list of documents your case will require
  4. We will prepare the paperwork – typically takes around 2 business days
  5. Finalize the paperwork – we will mail your case documents for your review and signature with any additional instructions your case may require

Contact us at (614) 428-2887 or use our consultation form to obtain a quote for an H-1B visa.

Immigration Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

H-1B Visa Representation

Porter Law Office, LLC has experience in securing H-1B visas for a wide variety of organization and individuals. The H-1B visa process is complex. There are strict federal labor laws and immigration rules and regulations. Columbus, Ohio immigration lawyer Matthew R. Porter, Esq. assists employers in complying with the H-1B visa regulations. We can help your organization with H-1B visa petition filings and compliance issues. If your organization is considering sponsoring a foreign national on an H-1B visa, contact Columbus, Ohio immigration lawyer Matthew R. Porter to discuss your H-1B visa options.

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