Specialty Occupation Worker (H1B Visa)

Securing H-1B Visas 

The H1B visa allows a U.S. employer to temporarily hire foreign workers to perform services in a specialty occupation.

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A specialty occupation is one that requires highly specialized knowledge and skills and a bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in a specific field of study.

Typical specialty occupations in the H1B visa category include: computer systems analysts and programmers, physicians, dentists, professors, engineers and accountants.

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Establishing Eligibility for the H1B Visa

The Department of Labor (DOL) plays a critical role in the H1B visa process. But the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”) is the agency ultimately responsible for adjudicating H1B visa petitions. To meet the federal rules and regulations, the H1B worker must demonstrate that he or she has the education, experience, and skills required for the minimum qualifications of the position.

In addition, the employer must submit demonstrative evidence. It must prove that the position qualifies as a specialty occupation. And, it must establish that the worker has the required qualifications. The employer must also satisfy strict DOL laws by attesting to numerous working conditions and paying the prevailing wage or higher to the H-1B worker.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

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An immigration lawyer can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing immigration rules and regulations

An immigration lawyer will help you ensure that your organization and the H-1B worker meet their respective eligibility requirements under the relevant federal rules and regulations.

Today more than ever, your immigration lawyer must be your partner. An immigration attorney will assist your hiring department efficiently complete the steps and materials required to obtain an approved H-1B visa.

Porter Law Office, LLC has streamlined the H1B visa process. We will guide your organization and the worker with instructions to complete the process as effectively as possible.

H1B Visa Employer Guide Contents

The following are separate articles within this “H-1B Visa Employer Guide” that provide detailed information regarding the H-1B visa process and related federal regulations.

  1. What is a Specialty Occupation?
  2. H1B Visa Process
  3. Terms of Admission
  4. Change of Non-Immigrant Status
  5. H-1B Visa Fees
  6. Consulate Issues and H-1B Visa Stamping
  7. Dependents
  8. Maintaining H1B Status
  9. Termination of Employment

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